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The safari experience at Crater Safari Lodge is varied, and there are many activities on offer. The highlight is tracking chimps in the Kibale National Park.


The safari experience at Crater Safari Lodge is varied, and there are a host of activities on offer. Below are a few of the things to do at the lodge and in the immediate area. 

  • Hike to the “Top of the World” viewpoint to view the 9 crater lakes in the area
  • Guided birding walks to Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary
  • Canoe and fishing rod hire
  • Romantic bush dinner set-up on the shores of the lake
  • General nature walks and hikes to the crater lakes
  • Cultural activities (basket weaving) and community visits (schools and markets)
  • Trips to surrounding tea and coffee plantations can also be arranged
  • Guided cycling trips to Kibale forest, the crater lakes and tea plantations. Gear and mountain bikes provided. 

Daily Schedule

Crater Safari Lodge is the perfect base to explore a range of activities in the area. The main activity is tracking chimpanzee, which takes place in the neighbouring Kibale National Park. 

The schedule of you day goes according to your chosen activity, and the times will vary. This is only a rough schedule of events.

06:00 - 09:00 : Breakfast

09:00 : Activity of your choice. Chimp tracking takes place at various time slots during the day.

13:00  : Return for lunch

15:00 : Afternoon activity

18:00 : Return for sundowners

19: 30/ 20: 00 : Dinner and relax around the campfire in the boma area (weather permitting)

When to Go

Crater Safari Lodge enjoys a temperature that varies from cool to cold. The climate is mild and temperatures are fairly consistent. On average, day temperatures reach 25°C and at night it drops to 10°C.

The climate is generally quite wet, but June and July seem to have the least recorded amount of rain. 

The area has a tropical climate and close to the equator is extremely hot, but areas like Bwindi Forest always have cool to cold temperatures. 

What to Pack

Try to keep your wardrobe colours as neutral as possible. Here is a list of items you might want to consider : 

  • Rain jacket - there is no formal “dry” season; and normal jacket
  • Long trousers, long shirt/top and waterproof hiking shoes for trekking
  • Hiking socks (fire ants are not pleasant)
  • Gaitors and garden gloves 
  • Small day backpack
  • Compact or easy-to-carry camera with zoom
  • Hat, sunblock, and buff
  • Waterproof bags for your gear 


What to Expect

Uganda is a developing country, but is one of the most spectacular untouched landscapes in Africa. The people are warm and welcoming, and the weather differs vastly from region to region.

There are tea and coffee plantations carpetting hilly areas, crater lakes, forests and jungles around every corner. Everywhere is lush, tropical and green.

Crater Safari Lodge is close to Kibale National Park and the safari experience is centered around chimp trekking.  

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